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One of the world’s most successful coaches in the world, Brian Tracy, works with Raho

Brian Tracy is one of the most successful coaches in the world. This success is not only due
to the 72 books he has written, but it is because the inspiration that he provides is
immediately translatable into helping people succeed. Books such as “Eat that Frog” 2002
and “Kiss the Frog” 2013, which have sold Millions worldwide, are avidly discussed. The
Book “Neustart” (Restart: how to redesign your career and profession with Self confidence
published in 2015, also inspired notable members of the German Federal Employment
Agency when it became an Amazon Bestseller immediately after it’s release: the book was
exhibited in Jobcenters’ training facilities.

How-To guidance for generating higher sales volume, starting NOW!

Brian has inspired more than 5 million people through his seminars. He has made an
impact in 119 countries, because he trains people in practical ways in which they can
reach more success IMMEDIATELY. His trainings are so popular because the
content he teaches leads to RESULTS as soon as you put his teachings into
practice, without having to believe in it first. The seminar participants all conclude
that they achieved way more sales and profits in a remarkably short time due to the
training with Brian.

This is impressive! You have to experience that LIVE!

Book: Brian Tracy as a Speaker for your Company!

We are ready to be your partner for all lectures and seminars with Brian Tracy. We are
in constant personal contact with Brian and can help facilitate any events in Germany as
part of his world tours. We make it easy to arrange a Video-Skype call with him and we
will help you envision and create your ideal seminar, which will be received with a
standing ovation. For appointment requests with Brian Tracy, please send us an email.


Client reviews:

What I really enjoyed about working with Brian Tracy and Raho Bornhorst:

A) As early as securing the seminar it is clear what can and will be achieved.

B) Content, presentation and the effectiveness of the content, were all absolutely

C) Personal interaction at each phase of the business transaction was always really

2. The most important effect that the seminar had on the employees was the instant
translatability of content and the enormous power of persuasion that the seminar
provided – which proved to have a positive an lasting effect on the employee’s daily

3. What I really liked about Brian Tracy is his incredibly charming personality.

4. What I find remarkable about Raho Bornhorst is the way he combines serenity within
business whilst also being focused on results. He is totally reliable, very pleasant in
personal interactions, and he himself lives what he teaches – working with a natural
sense of success! That’s exactly what he transmits, so that his seminar participants will
also feel more confident and determined. It was a great pleasure to work with him. With
many thanks, Markus Ritter, Chairman of the Board, Private Equity Invest,

Brian Tracy about Raho Bornhorst (Interview):

Professional seminar by Brian Tracy: “Successfully Selling”

Learn from Brian Tracy on DVDs and CDs, at home and on the go. The 2-day training
“Selling Successfully” with Brian Tracy has inspired all its’ participants. Many customers
told us that even a year later they are still learning from Brian through the DVDs. It’s the
best successful sales training you will ever have had! For many clients, for example the
participants in 2013 – who paid between €997 or €2,380 or €5,000 (VIP with a private
dinner) for the LIVE training, said that the training paid off immediately within a few

Despite diligently implementing some techniques learnt and increasing sales for over a
year, many customers have not implanted ALL the suggestions yet, because there are
simply too many good tips and techniques to implement. Some participants told us:
“Now I finally earn enough…”

Want to earn more too? Learn how to do it here…

This Media-Training grants you access to watching the full 2 day seminar which you can
watch as often as you like. Once you have completed the video seminar, you can also
listen to the content in your car or on the way to work by using the CDs! Of course you
can also copy the audio clips of the seminar from CD format to MP3 and then listen to it
on your iPod, iPhone or MP3 player!

The 2-day seminar in the media package:

The 2-Day Media Package Seminar:

1. You will receive 8 DVDs that will cover the entire seminar

2. You will receive the workbook which you can complete and redo, as a PDF

3. You will get the audio recording on CDs, which is an ideal way to continue
training whilst you are in the car or exercising

Everyone has the power in their hands to learn how to achieve more success along with
more insight and experience growth along the way. It all depends on working confidently
and reliably, whilst having the training needed to ensure you always have the best ideas
and services available to sell.

You have the opportunity here to be taught by the most successful coach in the world.
Being independently successful means being able to present yourself, your ideas,
products and services in a result-orientated way and to be able to lead customers into

What you will learn from these DVDs:

  • What you personally are, what you can achieve, and the knowledge you need
    to know to ensure you can achieve what you want.
  • Why you have to take responsibility for your own success: The power of self-
  • How to increase your marketing-, distribution-, and sales success almost
  • How your average person can quickly become a successful seller.
  • How to reliably sell more, even in challenging market climates.
  • How to understand and use the laws of economic success

Use the DVD Seminar “Selling Successfully!” and your success in selling will
increase dramatically right away. Hundreds of participants have experienced it and
even months later say: “If you want more success in sales, this training is a MUST!
The results speak for themselves. From beginner to professionals you quickly earn
how to achieve a big increase in sales!

8 DVDs for only 597 € (instead of 1,190 €): 600 minutes of professional training.
Learning by listening: All content on 8 CDs for 197 € surcharge. So choose from DVDs
only (GOLD) or incl. CDs as PLATINUM Edition for professional sales training:

Order the PLATINUM EDITION (8 DVDs + 8 CDs) for only
597 + 197 € instead of 1,190 €.

The 20-page workbook from the original seminar is available
free of charge.

14 Day Money-back Guarantee: If you are not completely happy within 14 days of
receiving the package, you will get your money back. You can open and use a DVD or a
CD, and then send it back if you do not like it! So you can take your time to decide. As
long as you only open a DVD or a CD, we will gladly accept the package at any time. If
you open more media products, a refund is not possible.

Order this product HERE BY EMAIL at Bornhorst@Bornhorst.de

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