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Inner Chi Coaching


Weekend 2: Work with your inner fire to find your calling

Eve lecture +2 days

Regardless of which direction your life is going in, or where you want to go, every path has
it’s stumbling blocks! Sometimes these blocks can be overcome with a lot of effort. The
higher you want to achieve and reach, the more turns in the road and blocks may be in your
way! That’s why it’s so important to choose the best path for yourself. It’s in the middle of
turbulence on your path that most people give up or hurt themselves. This is totally
unnecessary. During this weekend you will learn how to find your ideal path, best suited to
you and learn how to consciously keep burning away all blocks, without getting distracted by
other thoughts or influences outside of you.

Do you know how being free works? How free you can actually experience being? To love
yourself uninhibitedly, to be able to discard old thought patterns so that you can concentrate
on your core goal in life: THIS is what you will learn. Your calling, your direction, your
alignment with the most important next steps and decisions: You will get the best possible
guidance for finding your path in life. Through multiple exercises such as the ritual of making
fire, you’ll be guaranteed to become aware of what you can let go of in your life, what
doesn’t fit in with your self-love and burn these things away in your inner fire. This initiation
will lead you to your true calling in life. There’s only one true path in life: YOURS!

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