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Inner Chi Coaching


Weekend 3: Asking the right questions

Self-guidance and leadership

Eve lecture +2 days

Anyone who manages to ask themselves “the right questions”, will automatically be on the
path to success. Instead of asking yourself “Why is this not working?”, you can ask “What
could and should I think and do to make this work?” instead. Being trained in this method
of questioning, empowers people to achieve self-leadership and to be able to lead
conversations. As a professional coach you will learn to examine your own responsibility and
recognize how to lead yourself and others into insights and how to lead activities. You will
learn how to say no, how to easily give back to others, and learn to recognize goals that are
especially motivating for individuals. You will learn to formulate goals so that everyone can
put their plans into action. The most important point for those who want to free themselves
and want to come to happiness and success is being able to guide yourself and being able to
deal with feedback from your coaching or training. Being able to clarify uncertainty and deal
with resistance is also important. BEING leadership. Steering towards goals and being able
to supervise and control areas such as physical, emotional, material and soul-level success is
what should be on offer for an individual guidance session. Here you’ll quickly learn how to
deal with people showing interest towards your work, Clients, or even just people that you

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