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Inner Chi Coaching


Weekend 4: Marketing Training

3 days (possible extra evening lecture)

Summarizing your work in just one (!) sentence with enough enthusiasm and infallible
certainty (The Elevator Pitch) leads new contacts to the first decision: Interested or not?
Working with the enthusiasm and transforming it into decisions by using clever questions,
within an extremely relaxed conversation is a 5-step method designed by Raho Bornhorst.
It’s an extremely focused form of communication that teaches you how to masterfully
market your services and products. It has it’s foundations in NLP and Typology (4 quadrants,
enneagram, astrology) but above all it is about serene, targeted wording which carries the
energy. It also involves asking the right questions in order to lead to immediate results in
the conversation. Additionally, the participants are initiated into the consciousness of the
archetype of “enlightened warriors” to call in a constructive leadership energy that will
benefit everyone. The basis is self-love and love.

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