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A good coach helps you to identify the best possible outcome and guide you towards
that outcome. Having an experienced coach to guide you can help you rise above
the turbulence that may be going on. It leads you to a new perspective which allows
you to sort through the situation, your emotions and facts so you can consciously
realize what is best for you.
You will quickly be able to see what you can change. More stillness. More Success.
Fulfillment. Book your first session which comes with a Satisfaction-Guaranteed or
your money back deal. If you are not happy with the quality or results from your first
session (Length between 30-60 minutes depending on complexity) all you have to do
it let us know and you’ll receive your money back instantly.


Most people only recognize the best opportunities and possibilities for themselves by
speaking to an experienced coach specialized in constructive thinking. Holistic
coaching means not only asking factual, result-orientated questions, but also helping
you to become aware of how to achieve a higher state of consciousness in the
shortest time possible. Holistic Coaching also helps you to find the motivation to do
this, and shows you immediate practical steps you can take towards achieving your


Personal coaching: Inner freedom is the reward

Starting in 1990, since founding and releasing his Success Trainings with World
Bestsellers such as Brian Tracy, Raho Bornhorst has successfully followed and pursued
his path and himself more freely. While he trained and worked with thousands of self-
employed people, delivering hundreds of seminars to companies such as AWD, BMW
and Volkswagen, he learnt how to get to the real questions about the meaning of life.
Once you free yourself from within, the most important factors for your personal success
will reveal themselves.

Coach and trainer Raho Bornhorst

24 years of experience as an expert in Mindset Training, Coaching and Success
Consciousness means he is rooted in a solid foundation. Ranging from Emotional
Self-Liberation to Firewalking and system implementation to Multi-Day seminar
retreats: Raho has learnt about countless paths to self-realization. The goal is inner
freedom, financial success, health and love. There are many paths to get you there,
but a liberated self-awareness is always the most important foundation.

What used to be called self-actualization can be reached very quickly today:

  1. Recognize YOURSELF. What you truly are at the core of your being, without any
  2. Love is always behind all of the veils that the mind contains.
  3. Self-Awareness based on Self-Love is the greatest source of strength and power.
  4. By focusing on radical Self-Love the deepest expression of your being will
  5. Those who do not see that the purest strongest power is human consciousness,
    just need a person by their side who can accompany them along the path to
    becoming aware of love and self-awareness. Everyone then eventually learns
    how to constantly be able to control and follow their own fulfilment – in order to
    attain the success that is their birthright.

The path to “Inner Chi,” the strongest inner force, is released through love and self-
awareness. It immediately unleashes new powers which makes everything that is
possible be able to come into fruition. The rest will grow with patience and learning


Raho Bornhorst’s breakthrough coaching specializes in dissolving all the veils that
distract or detract from your soul’s path, from your own happiness, in just one single
session! It’s an intense session which will make you grow into finding fulfilment and
becoming whole again.

Motto: “Begin with the end in mind!”

Look carefully at what you truly want.
It’s about recognizing what is truly unique and at the core of you. Something that will
stay with you throughout your life. It’s about the big vision for your life. It’s not just a
wish, not just a dream. It’s about recognizing what you can rise for and stand up for.
What is worth living for! You do not have to be like Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Theresa or
Nelson Mandela. But you CAN follow your own path with similar strength and
determination. You will see your true self when you find yourself within, without all the
unnecessary illusions.

Raho leads you to: Being Free! An incredible power that releases your own “chi”: your
life energy.

“Inner Chi” coaching

The uniqueness of “Inner Chi Coaching” lies in the appeal towards and use of the
strongest inner powers available to humans. This life-force energy “Chi” is used to
EXPERIENCE a clear practical self-awareness. Inner freedom, and a wider spiritual
horizon is then available to you. Through practical examples and orientating your goals
towards the success you desire, all your thoughts and feelings align with your own
spiritual fulfilment.

It is about always recognizing the best path for yourself and steering yourself towards
that path.

Practically. Immediately implementable. Successful.

Through realizing the individual’s inner potential and through learning how to work with
this in daily life, “Inner Chi” Coaching leads to feeling, sensing, comprehending and
clearly recognizing what is actually best for one’s own path as an individual: To follow
one’s own life energy (chi) from within and bring it into the external world. It also means
releasing and letting go of old dreams and illusions. The focus on your core essence will
help you find and realize the greatest joy and love and will enable you to see the
greatest effects of your own work. All life forces will align with your biggest goal due to
this inner focus.

From mere dreams: to finding success through your passion.

Whether you want to achieve something professionally or personally: In principle,
you could get where you want to be radically fast and effectively. The main point
is: most people don’t know what it is that their soul REALLY wants! Those who
want to investigate and find this out, will recognize everything and will be happy
in the long run.

“You can leave whatever doesn’t fit in with your own self love, to burn itself out!”


The effects unique to “Inner Chi” coaching are released by working with
the strongest force within humans: the deepest desires of the human
soul, such as love and the limitless joy that comes from true fulfilment.
These desires motivate and steer our flow of life in the most sustainable
way. “Inner Chi” is based on conscious understanding, freeing yourself
emotionally, knowing what you want, knowing how to let go, and using
self love to power all of these key parts. This is what the path to
fulfilment consists of. It is radically positive with effects that are long-

Due to the huge success of the “Inner Chi” method, Raho focuses
almost exclusively on online seminars. The coaches which he has
trained on the “Inner Chi” method have all completed the annual “Inner
Chi Coaching Training”. There are coaches available and ready to lead
people to inner freedom over the phone or in person.

If you want to be free and become a leader yourself, you can apply for a
place in the training “Inner Chi Coach.” Simply send an email to requesting a telephone call about attending the training.
The seminars with Raho bring out your natural propensity to be an Inner Chi Coach.


Raho Bornhorst focuses primarily on his online courses therefore only a select
few dates are possible. If you are interested in coaching with Raho, a
booking can currently be made online in advance. If it is about a short strategy
discussion or an individual coaching session:

A. Strategy conversation / initial personal meeting: 297 € (about 15 min)
Initial telephone consultation with Raho Bornhorst to clarify your personal goals and
For a first contact interview with a trained InnerChi coach see below …

B. Individual coaching with Raho Bornhorst for personal BREAKTHROUGH
60-90 minutes max. One-on-one session: Strategic leadership coaching for clarity on
your inner power and self-awareness. Focusing on the most core beliefs,
goals and emotions to bring about realizations regarding your life. Then working with the
strongest human powers: love, clarity, inner calm and self-awareness, and shaping them
into determination. The sessions will inspire and initiate you into conscious states where
deep realizations will come through. These realizations can range from being in the area
of Self-Love and how Radical Self-Love IS possible, to guidance on how to free yourself
from addiction and habits permanently and sustainably in order to heal your health and
get the best possible results.

For private individuals: single appointment from 1.000 € plus VAT per hour (only 800
€ for 5 sessions).
In BUSINESS: single date from 2,000 € net + VAT per hour

ONLINE purchase for private individuals (€ 1,000 per hour)
ONLINE PURCHASE 5 hours (4,000 € net = 5 x 60 min each 800 € net + VAT)

C. Day Coaching: A full day with Raho for holistic success

A whole day with Raho for inner clarity and focusing on your ideal life: To be fulfilled and
be able to steer yourself towards the best possible outcomes and experience them. ALL
areas of life can be approached and cleared up. With the right approach, even
unconscious inner obstacles and fears can be cleared, because they can be
transformed into helpful thoughts and emotions when the Masterplan for Success and
Fulfillment is followed.

Daily fee for private individuals: 5,950 € incl. 19% VAT excl. expenses (1 day = 10-18
h in Freiburg)

D. Annual “InnerChi Coaching” Training for Individuals
Constantly moving forward and working with other people, so that the best
possible effects and results occur in daily life. In 9 stages (9 weekends over 10
months), Raho teaches you to use “radical self-love” on the path to success in order to
gain continuous results and to counsel, coach, and guide other people to self-liberation.
The year-long training shows you the path and how it works in a radically loving way.
Once a month, the participants work together to consciously create and bring into being
each other’s goals in order to experience inner fulfilment.
This is how a natural, strong self-awareness is built within through the training as an Inner-Chi- Coach.

Please send an email to

Offer from other INNER-CHI- COACHES

As an alternative to Coaching for BREAKTHROUGH, Raho
recommends a trained coach who has undergone Raho’s InnerChi year-long
training – working with the same methods that Raho teaches: consistently focused on
the core beliefs.

The methods are aligned with love, radical self-love and self-esteem. The coaches are
very patient, sensitive to your needs and goal-orientated. They work on a more
financially affordable level, gaining you the same insights and knowledge as the
breakthrough coaching with Raho would lead to.
Initial consultation by an InnerChi coach from 59 € for 15 – 30 min (students etc. only
9.99 €). So you can gain clarity in peace if the coach resonates with you! If you are not
satisfied, you can book a second initial meeting with another coach for free or get your
money back. The money will then stay with the second coach. After the first meeting,
regularly fees are 95 € – 250 € per hour, depending on
which coach you have decided upon or which coaching package you choose.

Package price for InnerChi coaching via Skype: 10 hours only 950 € / 95 € per hour
Single session InnerChi-Coaching via Skype: 200 € per hour
Package price for InnerChi-Coaching LIVE: 10 hours only 1,500 € / 150 € per hour
Individual session InnerChi-Coaching LIVE: 250 € per hour

The recommendation of which coach is suitable, is allocated and decided upon by Raho via email request.