Through my teachings, you learn to assess your innermost beliefs that subconsciously affect you, and learn how to re-set them if needed. Step-by-step you learn how to work with the greatest power available, your greatest power – the power rooted in your soul (Inner Chi). You will use your superconsciousness and your subconscious in order to become present and bring your soul and spirit into your daily life. This will leave you feeling noticeably positive and filled with joy in a completely different way. People in your daily life will also be able to see the remarkable changes that have happened within you.

It is up to you whether you use your awareness for yourself or use it to help others to free themselves internally too. You learn to use the biggest Motivation factor known to man – life purpose. You get to know yourself on a deeper level and encounter fascinating experiences: 9 levels attuned to increasing your life force, which (through “Inner-Chi” coaching) increases your self belief and empowers you. You learn the key points on how to change your consciousness so that you can free yourself from inner blocks.


Independently growing further

As part of the annual training (WE 1- WE 9) each weekend seminar builds on
the last until the completion of the training content. Every weekend offers a

practical method that allows you, as a leader or coach, to achieve increasingly
more success by yourself.
At every weekend training, a space is created amongst like-minded/self-
employed people where “Focus on Love” will be the theme. This will bring
inner strength, clarity and depth which will go on to have a massive impact on
your day to day life. The participants go through Initiating processes which,
based on experience, rapidly trigger profoundly positive changes within all
areas of the participants’ lives. It is not easy to understand the impact merely
by reading about it. These impactful improvements occur naturally and
consistently at every weekend seminar and all participants love the
improvements they see.

  • You will receive instructions and exercises
  • You will go through the Initiation processes and go on to develop your
    own rituals
  • You will most importantly free and empower yourself and continue to
  • You will attract new contacts, offer confident consultations and offer
    intensive coaching
  • Lastly, the quality of training in group leadership that you have
    undertaken will be long-lasting
  • In everything we offer we have 25 years worth of experience from over
    100 seminars and training courses


  • Effective questions: Those that ask the right questions will
    lead well
  • Mental Toolkit: Committed training for you so that you feel
    confident within the group
  • Experience and share Inner-Chi: Fully realized emotional
    power, Self-Awareness, Liberating yourself, Developing
  • Radical Self-Love: attain inner-clarity. Permanently and
    sustainably. Use this clarity and self-love in order to feel
  • Fundamentally helping you to be able to find inner peace and
    calm deep within yourself at any moment
  • Confidence. Unwavering trust. Self-Belief. Self-Assurance.
  • Shed old burdens: Burn away and rewrite limiting beliefs
  • Spiritual Alignment: Constructive changes to engrained
  • Holistic growth brings success and fulfilment

This year-long training will further your personal development so
much so, that everything you have achieved in the past – privately,
as a consultant, as a manager, or as an entrepreneur will pale in
comparison: You will grow radically.

The path to happiness, success and feeling fulfilled

A consultant’s personal opinions do not have a place in coaching or training. The most
important goal is to guide the client into positive steps that they can take. These steps
are leading towards true inner freedom. Self-Liberation is necessary in order to free
yourself from your own preconceptions, and consciously recognize the right path for
yourself or others.

Initially, it is about Inner Freedom

Training with Raho reminds you that anything that doesn’t serve your self-love, must be
removed from your life. The path to success and happiness only works if you come from
a place of self-love. Raho teaches “Radical Self-Love.” He encourages you to finish and
shed anything that is incompatible with self-love or self-respect. Leave everything that is
incompatible with love in the past.

How the path to happiness works

Self-Love being the groundwork of inner freedom leads to the fastest form of
transformation: “Burning”. At “Inner Chi” coaching we unite psychic-spiritual insights you
will have which will come from the core of your soul. No impulse is stronger than pure
love. Every person desires more love, or more recognition, respect, appreciation – and
they are all substitutes for love. The uncompromising focus on love as the highest form
of life releases the greatest power. Through practice and training you will experience
and learn to use this power. This power will be harnessed for radical change.

You will gain full inner freedom and confidence

Real profound changes are almost never achieved through simply reading or
observation alone. This is because previous experiences which resulted in blocks
require a new profound experience to shift them! With the help of clarifying questions,
your “Inner Chi” is raised consciously in order to bring about 100% presence and
awareness. By bringing your own self-worth up to 100%, and understanding that you are
a master of your own consciousness and therefore are responsible for 100% of it, you
can achieve up to 100% change.
You will help yourself and others to always recognize the best path in life. You will
release negative mindsets and old issues. You will develop your own specialized
knowledge which will help you create new products e.g. seminars and lectures. You will
be able to bring more love, strength and motivation into your daily life. 100% clarity
becomes 100% determination. It will be infectious!

What can you expect from the seminar?


The ‘Inner Chi” year-long training leads to a new level of inner confidence and personal
freedom. It gives you broad and incredible self-development, especially in the area of being
able to work independently as a professional coach.

  • You will learn to promote holistic awareness.
  • By using the ABC method, which makes use of the right questions, you will always be lead
    into the next achievable success.
  • You will learn how to bring more love, joy and success-mindsets to life.
  • You will develop a new dimension of self-love and confidence in your own life.
  • Contact-establishment, conversation-initiation and conversation-conduct are trained until
    they look completely natural.
  • You will train yourself in the area of taking responsibility for yourself, so that you guarantee
    100% success for yourself.
  • You will develop how to consciously price, you will be trained on self-marketing and gain
    clarity within this field.

As an Entrepreneur training: Minimum of 6 people, this training is also available in block
seminars of: 3 x 3 days or 2 x 4 days in your area. Or 1 x 8 days in Ibiza/ your dream


Instead of analyzing, “Inner Chi Coaching” works with the “Chi” as is taught in China. We
look at the whole person in order to gain knowledge and wisdom. Everything in life is
brought into your consciousness in order to integrate and receive what is necessary for you to
live happily. It is about changing your consciousness so that you can experience more power
and free flow. Everything that prevented you from living with happiness and success will be

The principle: 100% Self-Responsibility and 100% Self-Love will lead to self-awareness and
naturally lead you to success. We do this training once a month with an array of rapid tactical
exercises that will help you achieve.

What you will gain:

You will learn and win at 3 levels simultaneously:

  • You learn how to experience inner freedom and continue to be free
  • You will understand other people better through training to become a leader
  • You will inspire and motivate others more effectively
  • You will help others (and yourself) to always recognize the best possible scenarios and
  • You will find the power (within) to put your passion into practice
  • You will lead and accompany CLIENTS through professional COACHING towards
    success and fulfillment

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