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Do you want to improve your life or your business?

This method combines self-awareness training for your innermost self with success-training for external success, so that you not only understand the human potential of living a joyful life but learn how to experience that reality.

What we offer:

  • Free Webinars
  • Affordable online courses
  • Professional training at weekend-long seminars
  • Worldwide Bestselling Know-How from Brian Tracy (InnerChi Coaching)

Brian Tracy is one of the most successful top coaches in the world. Not only because he has written 72 books, but because the inspiration he provides is immediately translatable into success. Million bestsellers like “Eat that Frog” 2002 and “Kiss the Frog” 2013 are enthusiastically commented. The title “Neustart”, which was published in 2015, also inspired those responsible at the Federal Employment Agency in Germany because it became an AMAZON BESTSELLER immediately after its launch: the book was made available for display in the Jobcenter’s training centers.

More about Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy: Since decades his seminars (in 60 countries with 5 million customers) are highly requested because he delivers directly viable impulses for more success. In Germany he works together with Raho Bornhorst.


Learn life management skills
Learn to manage your life and to help others do the same.
Learn to recognize inner core beliefs and how to reset them.

  • Use the most potent inner powers (INNER CHI)
  • Access wisdom from your higher consciousness
  • Love freely and enjoy love without dependency
  • Use the power and magic of the subconscious in day-to-day life
  • Attain a Buddha-like state of presence and fulfil your life
  • Earn a living by doing what you love most

Who is Raho J. Bornhorst?

Baker Apprenticeship, Economics Degree (Marketing and Psychology), Publisher for bestseller and co-author Brian Tracy. Having attended hundreds of seminars and trainings in India, Europe and USA he has become a Personal Development trainer and an expert in holistic awareness.Maturing over 7 years to become a spiritual teacher in order for him to fully embrace self love and lead from a success mindset, he has helped thousands of people to do the same through coaching and seminars. This deep and broad experience has led him to become a professional coach for those looking to take huge leaps to “Inner Fulfilment with Outer Success.” In the one-to-one coaching sessions and “Inner Chi Training” Seminars he focuses on the essential principles of success in life: Relationships, Health and Love being just as important as financial success, in order to lead entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs to turning goals and dreams into reality. The main goal: To help establish a new foundation for sustained success through Radical Self Love, which everyone from all walks of life can unearth, so that others can be helped through this too. Clarity first, then communication, and finally actualisation.