My success story

“What is it that I am missing?”

... I have asked myself over & over again. I am a professional coach, entrepreneur and was a successfully independent publisher for 20 years.  With our development programs I brought International bestsellers including as Brian Tracy with his books, programs and seminars to German major distributors.  For the last 30 years I have been a success coach. Although I already built a very successful business and earned a lot of money, I always kept searching for deeper insights and higher levels of awareness, to search paths to enable people, living into their purpose as a whole. Since I could not find true happiness within for a long time, I created the "Inner Chi Coaching" method.
Inspired by famous coaches like Tony Robbins, I became a firewalking instructor in 1997, have studied under gurus in India, and continued to study and progress in intensive collaboration with International coach Brian Tracy.  In 2003, I took a sabbatical year in order to understand myself and get really clear on where I wanted to go. I used up my savings and from that time onwards I lived and learned abroad for more than 7 years to go deeper into life’s true purpose. I’ve consistently continued training and attended more seminars to find my true calling. I have been in retreats and ashrams of Indian masters, and became a spiritual counselor and teacher with a spiritual intention (Self-Consciousness) to be able to concentrate fully on what really helps if you want to find your true sustained happiness – but implementing this into your everyday life is the real proof. So I am teaching how to earn your money with what you love most in your life.

Detached from religions and beliefs, as a seminar facilitator and coach at seminars for personality development and dozens of trips to great masters in Europe and the USA I focused on finding some kind of entrepreneurship, that enables your whole being to engage, so you value your heart and never risk a burnout. Because my goal has always been: to find what makes us aware of sustainable happiness that not only creates personal freedom but also freedom for all interested people – creating sustainable fulfillment that’s learnable!

The most important point:

Beyond Mindset

You need to rethink and restructure your inner attitudes to actually change your thoughts, ideas, doctrines and beliefs in order to have a real sustained success!

I did so. And I put everything to this test: “Does what I’m doing here serve everyone else? Does this really work for everyone? Or: What do I have to omit, what is important for other people who also would like to find their own way to happiness?” I went down a path that was full of frequent ups and downs –and gained a deep confidence in the process for me and for those I’ve worked with. And if I recommend something, built upon my hundreds of encounters with real masters and thousands of personal encounters with clients, who also wish to create a life full of real inner freedom and true happiness.

Because this does not necessarily require a “doctrine”, but self-confidence and love in one’s own – in one´s interior, there is a universal approach that has individualized application. There is a need to clarify how one’s own vital energy, which is called “chi” in Asia, naturally flows or stagnates – and how one can know one’s energy and even steer and control it to a large, decisive whole. Love as the highest energetic resource is used and integrated to learn how to expand your awareness and apply it to business and everyday life. If your own higher love rules your life, while you learn to control your life, you will get incredible insights to master all aspects of life

About Raho J. Bornhorst


After establishing his publishing company in 1990, while still extensively studying business, he was successful for 12 years with audio seminars from international bestsellers such as Brian Tracy; with whom he has supplied distributors such as Allianz, AWD, BMW and Volkswagen. As a personality brand trainer and coach for unity consciousness, he combines professional knowledge and principles for tremendous success leading people who seek and drive their own path to success and fulfillment.

Raho Bornhorst has participated in thousands of seminars and trainings worldwide in which he brought about insanely fast results for attendees.  When attending seminars & working with Raho’s coaching & principles, people experience radical changes with their ideal individual development. He trains with methods from as NLP, superlearning, mental training, meditation inauguration and outdoor self-overcoming, to practical phone sales training, overall sales training as well as employee and team training. As a motivational coach and spiritual teacher, he has a very intense education and over 20 years of experience in contact with thousands of people who seek success and fulfillment and find it when working with him.

Here’s a comment from the world’s most successful trainer, Brian Tracy:

“From overcoming inner fears to breakthrough-coaching for true inner freedom to more success in business: Raho is able to make it very quickly clear to anyone who is interested how unity consciousness and love for one’s being greatly facilitates daily work and private life. On the basis of the inner alignment and one’s own meaning of life, through the knowledge and love of the essential, he leads to the greatest motivation of the human being.

From specialist knowledge to the success laws in the economy, the laws of human consciousness to the lived, unity success consciousness Raho Bornhorst’s Training leads to mental freedom, independent and free of any dogma. Christian-influenced, spiritually free, he lives and teaches freely of all faiths, always oriented to best possible practical results.”

Brian Tracy and Raho in Germany

One of the world’s most successful coaches in the world, Brian Tracy, works with Raho Bornhorst.

Brian Tracy is one of the most successful coaches in the world. This success is not only due to the 72 books he has written, but it is because the inspiration that he provides is immediately translatable into helping people succeed. Books such as “Eat that Frog” 2002 and “Kiss the Frog” 2013, which have sold Millions worldwide, are avidly discussed. The
Book “Neustart” (Restart: how to redesign your career and profession with Self confidence) published in 2015, also inspired notable members of the German Federal Employment Agency when it became an Amazon Bestseller immediately after it’s release: the book was exhibited in Jobcenters’ training facilities.

How-To guidance for generating higher sales volume, starting NOW!

Brian has inspired more than 5 million people through his seminars. He has made an impact in 119 countries, because he trains people in practical ways in which they can reach more success IMMEDIATELY. His trainings are so popular because the content he teaches leads to RESULTS as soon as you put his teachings into practice, without having to believe in it first. The seminar participants all conclude that they achieved way more sales and profits in a remarkably short time due to the training with Brian.

"The most important effect that the seminar had on the employees was the instant translatability of content and the enormous power of persuasion that the seminar provided – which proved to have a positive an lasting effect on the employee’s daily work."

 "What I really liked about Brian Tracy is his incredibly charming personality."

"What I find remarkable about Raho Bornhorst is the way he combines serenity within business whilst also being focused on results. He is totally reliable, very pleasant in personal interactions, and he himself lives what he teaches – working with a natural sense of success! That’s exactly what he transmits, so that his seminar participants will also feel more confident and determined. It was a great pleasure to work with him." 

With many thanks, Markus Ritter, Chairman of the Board, Private Equity Invest, Zurich/Switzerland.

Basics of personal development

Personal experience from different courses

In seminars & trainings with masters of their profession one can learn many things.
But only by personal experience, the individually achievable results become visible.

  • Outdoor survival experience and outdoor training camps
  • Superlearning, Speed-reading and others visualization techniques
  • Shamanic Training, Rebirthing, Firewalking Teacher
  • Marketing, selling, coaching, leading, managing etc. (IHK-Berufsausbilder)
  • TV pilot projects ("Coaching TV") as moderator, expert and coach
  • TV Co-Moderation (RTL Shop, QVC) in LIVE TV sales shows
  • Numerous contacts with spiritual masters in Europe, America and India
  • NLP coaching (neuro-linguistic-programming) and communication
  • Inaugurations and training in Feng Shui, spiritual healing and much more
  • instruction for training: “InnerChi – professional coaching”
  • Mental training, autogenic training, meditation
  • Body-oriented therapies (e.g. Tibetan Pulsing Healing)
  • System-oriented statements as a problem-solving aid (system locations)
  • Film and TV Production Studies (UCLA, University of Los Angeles, USA)
  • Spiritual awareness, Zen meditation, silence awareness
  • “SAGE” training (experience-oriented self-awareness)
  • Training as Spiritual Teacher of Spiritual Freedom
  • How it all started
  • High school diploma, apprenticeship as a baker with grandfather & father (Degree: journeyman’s certificate: 1 year), studies in business administration (degree as Dipl.-Kfm.)
  • 1989
  • Mental Trainer, Superlearning, Consciousness Development, Autogenic Training
  • 1990
  • (During studies) Foundation of the JFB Bornhorst GmbH for adult education
  • 1992
  • Completion of his studies in business administration (Dipl.-Kfm.) with focus on marketing, personnel policy and psychology
  • 1999
  • Additional studies at the Los Angeles School of Film and Television (UCLA), specialized in “Independent TV and Film Production”
  • 2003
  • LIVE TV programs for TV direct sales (QVC and RTL home shopping) as well as shooting for a first, own pilot project “Coaching-TV”
  • 2004
  • Training as a holistic coach and spiritual teacher
  • 2009
  • Relocation of JFB Bornhorst GmbH to Freiburg
  • 2010
  • Release Audio Seminar “The Higher Self” for self-awareness
  • 2011
  • Pilot projects for own coaching TV production (ARD subsidiary, 2014 on ice)
  • 2012
  • Summary of individual seminars on the "InnerChi" Coaching Year Training
  • 2013
  • Release of the book “Kiss the Frog” as co-author with Brian Tracy
  • 2015
  • Release of the book “Restart” with Brian Tracy and Marc Thurner
  • 2016
  • 6-digit monthly sales with successful online business and marketing
  • 2017
  • 7-digit monthly sales with successful online collaborations with Brian Tracy and others such as Inner Chi Coaching seminars
  • 2019
  • Success online training "Independently to the next level"

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